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We have the LueMai®and MilaMai® baby carriers, which delight parents and their babies with their uniquely elaborate details, as well as the multifunctional Luema® bags.

Let yourself be surprised by constantly new designs, lovingly created and sewn by our seamstresses - exclusively handmade in Switzerland.

You would like to create your own Babycarrier Design? Please contakt us!

Hours of opening in our Showroom in Laupen ZH:
Tuesday and Friday
10.00-12.00 Uhr / 13.00-18.30 Uhr


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New Lumo Blättli

CHF 300.00 *

New Lumo Sei

CHF 300.00 *

New MilaMai Manomi

CHF 340.00 *
In stock

New MilaMai Classic Creative 'Dream' (ClassicCreative: Dream)

CHF 310.00 *
In stock

New LueMai Amazing Flower

CHF 345.00 *
In stock

New LueMai Child in the moon

CHF 510.00 *

New LueMai Superstar

CHF 390.00 *
In stock

LueMai Atlantia

CHF 330.00 *
In stock


CHF 19.50 *
In stock


CHF 55.00 *
Old price CHF 58.50
You save 6 %
In stock

Luema Rucksacktasche, Gr. M

CHF 340.00 *
In stock

Luema Sailor

CHF 300.00 *
In stock

LueMai Piccolino "Munja"

CHF 80.00 *
In stock

LueMai Simply Sabay 1

CHF 255.00 *
In stock
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How to order

Are you interested in a LueMai® or MilaMai® baby carrier or one of the Luema® bags? You have three options available to you.

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Test Baby Carriers

Often it is worthwhile to test a carrier first before buying it. 
We invite you to come to our studio to test our baby carriers here under expert guidance. 

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