Luema bags





We used the experience from designing comfortable and ergonomic baby carriers for the Luema bag collection and thereby achieved stylish and comfortable bags for everyday use, with or without a baby. Comfortable, flexible, adjustable - these are main the characteristics of our unique bags!



Luema - the all-rounder bag

Luema bags are designed to withstand any requirement that everyday life presents. Whether it's a visit to the restaurant, a shopping tour, a long walk, or use with a carrier child. We have the perfect bag for every situation. 





Easy on the eyes

Design is our passion. The bags are for the most part absolutely unique and are lovingly designed by our seamstresses and often decorated with embroidery/appliqués or even paintings. Some bags are a real work of art.






Comfort is our speciality

No matter if you are carrying your baby or "just" your bag - shoulder pain is absolutely unnecessary. Because of our experience in carrying babies, we know what is important. Carry your everyday stuff with you comfortably, without paying for it later. 





Choose the variant that fits you best!

Our bags are suitable for every situation. Therefore, we offer the following variants:

- Luema mini: A small bag to carry the most necessary bits and pieces for everyday life. So small and light that you hardly feel it.

- Luema Sailor: A stylish, everyday backpack/duffel bag for every man and woman.

- NEW: Luema Joy: A spaceful Sling-Bag for everyday use, with or without a baby.

- Luema waist bag: A bag with padded hip wings that you simply strap around your hips. 

- Luema shoulder bag: A pretty handbag/diaper bag/sports bag (depending on the size you choose!), with our unmistakable fan-shaped straps that ensures a comfortable fit for the shoulders.

- Luema 2-in-1: A bag that can be converted from a shoulder bag into a waist bag with just a few clicks. It can therefore be used in either format at any time. 

- Luema 3-in-1: Now this is really a versatile transformation master. Backpack, waist bag or shoulder bag - this bag is transformed in just a few clicks.

- Luema backpack bag: With the help of an additional strap, you can easily switch from a shoulder bag to a backpack and back again. 

100% Swiss made

All our bags are 100% made in Switzerland. 

Key features

- The convertible Luema shoulder bags made of baby sling fabric (except the Luema mini) usually have the fanned shoulder straps, which makes use in everyday life so convenient. Of course, it can also be simply pushed together and used as a normal strap. Models made of water-repellent material (outdoor fabric, cordura) have a slightly narrower, 8.5 cm wide strap 

made of solid material, but it can also be easily ordered for a baby sling fabric strap. 

- An external pocket with Velcro makes it easier to quickly find the most important things (except Luema mini)

- The shoulder bag, 2-in-1, 3-in-1 and backpack bag feature pretty lining inside, while two small compartments and a zip compartment facilitate access to everyday objects.

- Some of our bags are sewn of fabric. It is the same sturdy and robust cotton material that makes up the backs of our baby carriers. Therefore, these bags are washable at 40 degrees in gentle cycle. Please reduce the spin number to 800 rpm. It is best to put the bag in a cushion cover to protect the buckles.

- You can iron the washed fabric bag to restore it to its original shape. Cover any decorations and the logo with a thin cloth. Please iron bags made of cordura or outdoor fabric only gently from the inside.

- Bags made of leather or cork imitation should only be wiped off with a damp cloth. The lining can be inverted and washed by hand. Make sure that the bordering imitation leather or cork is not soaked. A few splashes of water will not do any damage if you wipe them off again.

- Sizes/details can be found under the individual sections!