Baby carriers by Tragebaby

It all started with the fact that a mother of two toddlers in 2009 could not find a common baby carrier that perfectly suited both a slender woman and a broad-shouldered man and was also adjustable from birth to the end of carrying a baby.

Out of this situation emerged the company Tragebaby and the baby carriers LueMai and MilaMai.

The baby carriers of Tragebaby have a few unique features. Detailed descriptions of the individual carriers can be found here:

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Ergonomic seat for the baby

The posture of a baby in a baby carrier is significant to healthy development. A baby should be positioned in a baby carrier with slightly stunted, but not too far spread legs and a slightly rounded back while sleeping. This is according to what we know today to be most beneficial in regards to healthy development of hip joints and the back. 

Developed by a carrier consultant and in constant collaboration with the carrier consultant of carrier school ClauWi, the current knowledge about healthy posture of the baby is incorporated into the design of our baby carriers.

Head support while sleeping

Safe support of the baby's head while sleeping is of great importance. The baby carriers by Tragebaby all have headrests that provide good head and neck stabilisation during sleep.


Highest wearing comfort
Thanks to the unique ring system on the carrier base, baby carriers by Tragebaby are very comfortable. The attachment to rings makes the carrier snug comfortably to the wearer’s body without cutting into the skin, regardless of shoulder shape and stature.
In addition, the ring system allows a certain amount of room for the baby. Despite good support in the neck area, it does not feel constricted. Our baby carriers are therefore not only popular with the parents, but also with the babies and toddlers.

Growing opportunity
The baby carriers of Tragebaby can be adjusted in width, while the MilaMai and the LueMai are also height-adjustable. Thus, they grow with the child - from birth to the time when the child wants to take its own steps.


Unique designs
Most of our baby carriers are absolutely unique. Always new fabrics, patterns and colours ensures that every baby sits in its own carrier that nobody else possesses. Each seamstress can decide for herself which fabrics she puts together and if she wants to add ornaments. So the joy of sewing our products never stops, and every single baby carrier is sewn with happiness and love.
If two carriers look somewhat alike, they still always differ at least in colours of laces, straps or the back. 
Some people even think that the headrests contain fairy dust to help babies fall asleep very quickly.

The most important thing to all parents is that carrier systems for their children are safe in every aspect. 
We pay particular attention to the fact that every seam is double-stitched and all important seams even triple-secured. In order to destroy a Tragebaby baby carrier to the point that the child would be exposed to a hazard requires a pair of scissors or a knife, but it will not happen by itself, even after years of use. Our rings, to which the straps are attached, have been specially developed for our baby carriers and are produced exclusively for us. They guarantee absolute indestructibility. We chose plastic rings because wood is too unsafe and metal too hard. The children like to put the rings in their mouths, and plastic has a certain softness that is important for the protection of baby teeth. To provide additional safety for baby teeth, we encase these rings with foam.