About us

It all started when a slim-built mother of two toddlers in 2009 could not find a baby carrier that would suit both her and her broad-shouldered man comfortably, while fulfilling her high demands on ergonomics, comfort and height adjustability. As a result, she founded 

Tragebaby and the brands LueMai® and MilaMai®, and added later LueMai Simply®. In 2015, our range was expanded with the bag brand Luema® and therefore also offers products that are not limited to parents carrying children.

The founder, Maria Lüscher, invented the carrier and started the business alone. She worked on the first orders of LueMai® mostly late in the evening and early in the morning, which soon became a "hot tip". Sewing made her happy, but soon it was no longer possible to handle everything alone and take care of her small children. Gradually, two seamstresses were added, also mums of small children, who then helped to expand the range of LueMai® at home. As of 2010, this rather loosely-knit sewing group of three mothers was then converted into an official company and more and more seamstresses were hired along with office staff. However, all of this was still done on a home office basis, because the company had no more space than a tiny sewing room in the apartment of the founder and a cellar compartment!

In 2012, the Lüscher family moved, and from then on a small studio of 60 m2 was available to the young company. At first, it appeared to be so huge. However, it only took two years for it to burst at the seams. More and more homeworkers had been added to the sewing team and thus more and more storage space was needed. Furthermore, the first employee began working permanently in the studio. 

As luck would have it, the house next door had a spacious, bright, friendly studio available. That was perfect timing, and since then Tragebaby GmbH has had its seat in a former chocolate factory in Laupen ZH. 

Meanwhile, about half of the team works on-site in the Tragebaby studio, the other half still works at home. This type of work is very practical and popular with mothers of small children. They can integrate their work into their everyday lives, as it suits them best.